Poslední pán prstenu

Poslední pán prstenu - Kirill Yeskov I have read this based on a recommendation from my dad who has hardly ever been wrong about a book. We are both die hard LOTR fans (books and movies), and yet we enjoyed this book unlike some other fans. We did not see it as a desecration of Tolkien's legacy but rather as a different point of view - after all, all stories could be told differently by the opposing sides. Yeskov's idea of portraying Mordor as the positive was great, the book was really well written and it did not spoil my view of the LOTR one bit. Same as GOT, I decided to treat the adaptations as different stories - often the best thing to do since I have probably never come across a perfect adaptation of a story. Peter Jackson comes very close but the films based on Stephen King's books, for example, have only recently started getting better.
Anyway, I can recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story, a change of view or anyone who can feel saturated by the classical fantasy or sword and sorcery stories.